Women Grants

Grants for women are usually sourced through foundations.  These grants are offered for many types of needs, i.e. domestic violence, education, housing, nutrition, short-term funding for assistance with rent or utilities,  business expansion, or financial training, to name a few.   Continue reading

Women Education Grants

Foundations as well as government agencies offer education grants for women.  Many philanthropists feel that women are held back when pursuing higher education for both financial and cultural reasons. Foundations may offer grants to pursue specific interests, such as computing or technology, or they may simply focus on education as a goal.  Continue reading

Research Grants

Grants for research are normally funded either by large corporations or through government funding.  Typically, the grantor requests research to solve a problem, or to measure outcomes through comparative analysis and offers a research grant to have this information provided. Continue reading

Grants for Teachers

Grants for teachers are some of the more numerous and better funded areas within the grant community.  Education is an area every one can support, and there are grants to help teachers continue with postgraduate degrees, to fund projects, to teach overseas, and to pay for classroom materials among others.  In this area, there are many choices both inside and outside of the government grant system. Continue reading

Minority Education Grants

Minority populations have long understood that education is a key component of success, and have actively promoted minority education grants to achieve that goal for as many people as possible.  Prominent personalities in the entertainment, business and financial fields are often involved in, or create, foundations that focus on minority grants that promote access to education. Continue reading

Education Grants

Grants for education come in many forms.  There are Federal government grants, such as Pell grants, grants from alumni associations, grants from non-profit foundations, grants for specific fields, such as agriculture and science, and grants to support doctoral dissertations to list just a few.

Continue reading

College Grants

Opening the Door to College

College grants come in many forms and from many sources.  Private, high profile college costs can easily top $20,000 an year for a four year degree.  Due to the current high unemployment rate, student loans are becoming a much less popular form of financing an education. The idea of graduating with debt in the six-figure category, with no prospects for obtaining employment to repay the loan, is leading more students to apply for college grants that will not need to be re-paid. College grants offer a debt-free way to obtain higher education. Continue reading