Women Grants

Grants for women are usually sourced through foundations.  These grants are offered for many types of needs, i.e. domestic violence, education, housing, nutrition, short-term funding for assistance with rent or utilities,  business expansion, or financial training, to name a few.   Continue reading

Foundation Grants

Grants for foundations are more difficult to obtain than grants for community non-profits.  Almost by definition, foundations are initially funded through endowments or large donations or bequests, and the funds they pass on to smaller charities come from investing the original “seed money” and using the resulting gains as funding. Continue reading

Foundation Government Grants

The United States federal government supports many causes and business interests directly through a system of grants.  These are available to nonprofits, individuals, minorities, disadvantaged persons, and other specific niche descriptions.  Federal government grants cover funding for everything from space research to upgrading of real property for low-income homeowners.  Continue reading