Women Grants

Grants for women are usually sourced through foundations.  These grants are offered for many types of needs, i.e. domestic violence, education, housing, nutrition, short-term funding for assistance with rent or utilities,  business expansion, or financial training, to name a few.   Continue reading

Women Government Grants

There are not many Federal government grants for women that are restricted to women applicants only.  The grant funding usually targets women as the intended beneficiaries of the funds, but the grant funds are initially awarded to states, municipalities, educators or non-profits and occasionally small businesses or other for-profit concerns. Government grants for women fall within the context of providing fair representation of women in awarding of funds. Continue reading

State Government Grants

State government grants originate from block grant funds received from the Federal government or directly from the state.  These grants are always derived in some way from taxes or fees paid to the state, or to the Federal government.  Because of the highly political nature of the funding, these grants are constructed to maximize the return to the state, and have stringent reporting requirements after the grant is funded. Continue reading

Pell Grants

Pell grants enable undergraduate students to receive funds to attend college without having to repay the funds.  Pell grants may vary in awarded amounts from year to year, and are based on your financial need.

Pell grants are the most sought-after form of Federal educational assistance, and enable a student to receive a degree without owing vast sums of money at the end of their college experience. Continue reading

Government Grants

Government grants are one of the most popular forms of grant funding sought by people or organizations to further their goals.  Entering the terms “grant funding, free government money, or free money from the government” in a popular search engine can return 179 million results.

Continue reading

Free Grants

By definition, grants do not generally require repayment, and are thus “free money”.  There are no filing fees, taxes to be paid, or licenses to purchase to apply for grants.

That is not to say that free grants are free of any costs.  There may be salaries for employees who write the grant application, or fees for a contracted grant writer.  Large grants may require salaries or fees for an administrator to keep track of costs associated with delivery of goods or services provided by the free grant. These administrative costs typically cannot be included in the use of the grant funds. They are considered a normal cost of doing business, not a program cost. Continue reading

Free Government Grants

The U.S. government offers funding for a myriad of causes through free government grants.

The uses of the funds can range from housing for low-income people to research on diseases, and almost everything in between. Free government funding is typically only available to 501(c)(3) charities, and certain institutions such as city or county governments, schools or other categories approved by the government for funding. Continue reading