Women Grants

Grants for women are usually sourced through foundations.  These grants are offered for many types of needs, i.e. domestic violence, education, housing, nutrition, short-term funding for assistance with rent or utilities,  business expansion, or financial training, to name a few.   Continue reading

Research Grants

Grants for research are normally funded either by large corporations or through government funding.  Typically, the grantor requests research to solve a problem, or to measure outcomes through comparative analysis and offers a research grant to have this information provided. Continue reading

Non-Profit Grants

Grants for non-profit organizations comprise the vast majority of all grant funding awarded.

Donations, major gifts and bequests are tax-deductible by the donor for Federal tax reporting only if the recipient is a 501(c)(3) charity or is recognized as having federal status for exemption, as described in IRS publication 557. Continue reading

Faith based Grants

Grants for faith-based organizations are available from both the Federal government and private foundations.  In almost all cases, faith-based grants are only available to a non-profit component of the organization.

Small churches are often surprised to find that they are not automatically considered a non-profit.  After all, they are a church or religious organization, so why would they not be eligible for faith-based grants? Continue reading

Community Grants

Community grants are those grants offered by, and for use within, a specified geographical area.  They may cover a single city, or several counties.  The term is also incorporated in the phrase “community block grants”, designating funds which have been received from a larger aggregator of funds, such as a state agency. These funds are targeted for the benefit of a single community or small group of communities, and are usually mission-specific.

Continue reading

Church Grants

Church grants or more properly, faith-based grants, are available through many foundations and through the Federal government.

There are support programs that offer grants for churches by targeting funding for community-based programs.  This category might include after-school programs for at-risk students, early reading programs, classes on safe food preparation or any other targeted program that affects communities. Continue reading