Women Grants

Grants for women are usually sourced through foundations.  These grants are offered for many types of needs, i.e. domestic violence, education, housing, nutrition, short-term funding for assistance with rent or utilities,  business expansion, or financial training, to name a few.   Continue reading

Housing Low Income Grants

Low-income housing grants are one segment of the overall grant funds available for housing. HUD publishes an annual listing of qualifying income limits on their huduser.org webpage, which allows the user to see what income limits apply to their specific area.  Continue reading

Housing Grants

When the subject of housing grants arises, most people think of the various federal housing grant programs.

The grants.gov website lists grant opportunities for many types of grant opportunities in housing, most of them under the auspices of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Continue reading

Home Grants

Grants for homes that are available from the Federal government are restricted to such programs as the Department of Energy’s home weatherization program.  These home grants are issued as block funding  to  “…states, U.S. overseas territories, and Indian tribal governments states, U.S. overseas territories, and Indian tribal governments”  This is part of the description found at http://www1.eere.energy.gov/wip/wap.html.   Continue reading