Minority Hispanic Grants

Grants for Hispanics may be found by searches in the areas of education, entrepreneurship, diversity, community development and related headings.

Because of the large Hispanic population in the United States, many private foundations, as well as the Federal government have developed minority Hispanic grants. The Hispanic community is well aware that education is a necessity for advancement, and community foundations, schools, and private enterprise can access funds that are specifically earmarked for Hispanics.

Scholarship funds awarded to schools are often funded by grants to the schools, and Hispanic students looking for minority Hispanic grants should inquire about funds that are specifically set aside for them.

Minority Hispanic grants are often featured by foundations created or championed by entertainers and businesspersons of Hispanic origin.  One notable example of Hispanic involvement in education is reflected in the 2011 appointment of notable Hispanics such as Shakira, Nancy Navarro, and Adrian Pedroza to a Presidential Commission on Hispanic education. The Hispanic College Fund (http://www.hispanicfund.org/programs) may be able to offer guidance as well.

Businesses looking for grants for Hispanics should not overlook programs that promote diversity and workforce training in communities.  Many times grants are written specifically to provide funding for ESL (English as a second language) programs, or GED tutoring as well as specialized training.  This type of grant funding can be available through state block grants, community foundations or other regional or local groups.

Networking within the business community as a whole can produce leads to minority Hispanic grant funding for equipment or building renovations such as weatherization programs or green energy development.

Minority Hispanic grants for housing can also be researched within larger grants.  If the eligibility guidelines include such keywords as cultural diversity, minorities, or similar wording there is probably an opportunity for a foundation to develop a Hispanic-focused grant application.