Student Financial Grants

Grants for students are one of the better-funded areas of grant funding.  Many Federal and state agencies and private foundations offer student financial grants, and the curriculum choices are quite varied. 

Grants for students offer eligibility for undergraduate students, such as the well-known Pell grants, all the way through help with doctoral dissertations.  Corporations and trade associations may also offer grants for students, if they have non-profit foundations attached to the company or association.  Many family foundations support education, either through direct financial assistance, or by offering grants for the purchase of books and materials.

Grants for students offered by any channel often route the funds through the educational institution the student is attending, or wants to attend.  Some may offer reimbursement for specific expenses and require that the student produce proof of purchase when accessing the grant funding.

Student financial grants, such as the Pell grants, quite often have a requirement that the student attend a minimum number of hours each semester, and complete a specified percentage of the total class hours.  Student financial grants may pay out funds at the beginning of either a semester or a school year, or they may establish a sort of capped drawing account.  Smaller grantors may offer gift cards to bookstores or establish a set line of credit in the student’s name. This type of grantor is often affiliated with a larger charitable organization, such as the United Way.  The student would apply through the larger agency, and the approved funds are taken from a restricted account established by the original donor.

One source for student grant funding would be to look for a list of foundations at the local library. Many libraries maintain a list of foundations within the state with links that show the giving history and grant cycles of the foundations.  Some libraries also have more nationally based databases that they receive by subscription from organizations such as the Foundation Center.