Women Small Business Grants

Government grants for women in business, commonly referred to as woman-owned business grants, often fall under the eligibility sections of other types of grants.  In other words, government grants for women in business are one of the preferred classes of minority applicants.

Because of this, it always pays to check the eligibility section of any grant that fits your specific type of business. You will be unlikely to find a grant titled “women small business grants”.  You will often find grants for energy, environmental, low-income or many other grant categories that have a specific allowance for women applicants.

Small business grants for women strive to level the playing field for women competing against their male counterparts.  Although many of the gender barriers are less well defined than they were in the past, women still have issues in obtaining funding to support or grow their businesses.

Government grants for women in business do not relax the rules for women applicants.  You must still have the same qualifications and ability to meet the guidelines as any other applicant.

If your business is rehabilitating the homeless person, or providing housing for low-income tenants, you will be held to the same performance standards both when applying for the grant, and in executing the mission or focus of the funding.

Block grants to states contain funding for such things as urban renewal, elder care, childcare for low-income working parents, sustainable farming practices, recycling, environmental clean-up,

the arts, and a myriad of other opportunities.  As is true of most government grants, this funding may initially be available to non-profits and filter through to the woman business owner.   For this reason, many women small business owners turn their vision and passion into a non-profit corporation.  This can often “check-off” at least two of the eligibility requirements and may provide a greater chance of obtaining funding.