Housing Grants

When the subject of housing grants arises, most people think of the various federal housing grant programs.

The grants.gov website lists grant opportunities for many types of grant opportunities in housing, most of them under the auspices of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

These grants are available to nonprofit organizations, cities, counties and states, and certain targeted grants, such as grants restricted to American Indian populations.  These grants are not available to individuals.

There are also private housing grant programs.  Many banks have foundations that offer some sort of housing grant, or assistance.  Some examples include the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, and the Habitat for Humanity Investment Program.  All of these  organizations partner with local or regional non-profits to expand affordable housing opportunities for prospective homeowners.

Housing grants, or grants which support home ownership, may also be available from corporate foundations, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Most of these housing grants provide funds or products to facilitate home ownership or acquisition, rather than cash to purchase a home.  One of most well-known, Habitat for Humanity, requires a substantial input of labor from the homeowner, as well as a small cash down payment, typically in the range of $500.00.  The “housing grant” designation comes from the donation of cash, materials and labor to the recipient.

There are also housing grants available for renovation and repair of multi-family units such as apartment houses or complexes.  Again, these are usually housing grants for states that then offer the funds to local non-profit groups.

Individuals who want to find assistance with housing needs should begin by contacting local charities for any community funding that may be available. Housing grant leads are on the internet as well.  Look for funding in your state first, before broadening your search to national funders.  The more locally focused the charity is, the more familiar they will be with housing grants for your particular need.