Training Grants

Training grants include funding for specific fields, such as teaching or nursing, as well as grants for vocational students.  Training grants are offered to assist student-teacher teams in areas such as technology, or civic management, as well as hands-on applications of concepts such as architecture and engineering.

Many training grants are offered through local or regional foundations, but the Federal government also offers funding in the form of cooperative agreements such as the Agency for International Development’s VOC TEC program.

Corporations such as Intel are supportive of training programs that expand the use of technology, while more local funders may offer training grants for area vocational schools in the form of funding for equipment, such as used machine tools for a machining instruction program.

Training grants seek to increase core competencies or advance understanding and use of new technologies.  Training grants in the areas of energy conservation, sustainable energy programs and recycling are currently receiving attention from funders, while teachers can be funded for advanced degrees through a number of public and private agencies.

Training grants can be found through searches based on your specific area on interest.  General searches for “training grants” may produce results that include scholarships or other types of funding that are not truly non-repayable grants.  Read the eligibility requirements carefully to be sure your application will be accepted under the funder’s conditions.

As is true with many grants, most training grants are released to schools or organizations, rather than as individual funding.  Non-profit organizations that want to offer training programs to minority or targeted groups such as low-income home buyers, or money and debt management training may be able to find both Federal and local or state training grants to support those missions.

Students who want assistance with training should contact local schools and vocational training programs that focus on specific skills such as carpentry or electrical certification programs for assistance in locating training grants.